Everywhere Morag has worked, she’s led the creation, development or building of high performing UX teams, including senior leadership roles at a premier Canadian digital media company and a major Telecomm. 


Morag has a decade of design management experience, over 20 years of user experience design practice, and a love of building teams who are passionate about delivering exceptional user experiences. Recently she has applied this experience to design operations: both design systems and team development programs.

Her sector experience is wide; the common denominator is complexity. Sectors include performing arts and other NFP organizations, eCommerce, travel booking, broadcast, retail development, consumer publishing, legal and business publishing, broadcasting, self-serve pension administration, wealth management, and telecomm.

Morag has worked for agencies, consultancies, as part of the in-house UX team, and as an independent consultant.

In 2014, Morag went out on her own, again, this time with the intent of making her UX and management experience “go further” by adding career coaching UX professionals, and not-for-profit consulting to her sector expertise. Like everyone who has pursued such a path, Morag feels she’s received more than she’s given.

She also occasionally writes and speaks on soft skill development for UX designers.

When not helping others be effective by design, she’s probably hiking, thrifting or adding colour to something (garden, decor, making a modern quilt), but most likely, she’s cooking. Much of this is captured on Instagram.

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