The sweet spot of professional engagement for my non-agency clients has been a consulting relationship where I work with them to define project, business and user goals. I then support their relationship with UX and digital agencies to ensure the best outcome for the business: reviewing budgets and timelines, translating digital project-speak, reviewing requirements and the delivered design against goals, etc.

My agency clients bring me in for projects where they need to “clone” their UX directors for the span of a project; they need someone client-facing who can get up to speed quickly, communicates at an executive level, and can collaborate with their internal team to generate user insights and strategy.

UX Consulting Services


UX Evaluations

  • Heuristic analysis, usability testing, and card sorting
  • Google Analytics interpretation
  • Customer journey workshops

Digital Experience Strategy

  • Requirements elicitation, meeting facilitation, and presentations
  • Competitive and environmental analysis for digital products
  • Business requirements analysis
  • Persona creation and Jobs To Be Done analysis
  • UX strategy documentation for digital marketing and product ecosystems

Creating & Developing UX Capabilities

  • Hiring digital team members
  • Team coaching and development
  • Digital vendor management

Not sure what you need or how to begin? Want to find out if we are a good match? Let’s talk.

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