Announcing Get SMRT Workshops

Get SMRT Workshops is my new collaboration with Jeff Plotnikoff. We are excited about opportunities to improve the modern workplace for employer and employee alike!

We’re in the lab right this very second, developing more amazing workshops that will make an impact. On the roster:

  • Increasing diversity
  • Improving hiring practices
  • Culture crafting
  • Building leadership
  • Bringing coaching into the workplace

We’d be happy to speak with you about your individual corporate needs – customized workshops and training that speak directly to you and the issues you face.

We’ve just launched our first event for getSMRT Workshops: Resumé Resurrection – breathing life into dead pieces of paper, one page at a time. Downtown Toronto on the evening of Wednesday May 24th.

Jeff Plotnikoff, workshop and HR guru for  Toronto Marketing agencies, is my partner in crime – between us we’re just exploding with talent, industry perspective and genius. Stay tuned – we’ve got more workshops and great content ahead!…

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