Design Thinking

There are many ways to achieve your business and personal goals, but which is the best? How do you define “best”? Are you clear on what your goals are? What do you value? What’s your intention?

My services are grounded in Design Thinking, a strategy-making process that focuses on human behaviour, values and context. I work with clients to:

  1. Define the problem.
  2. Imagine a future based on observing human behaviour: what’s working, what’s not, where are the gaps?
  3. Test these ideas for the future to find out what is likely to work best; that might mean interviews, pilots, or prototypes.
  4. Identify the capabilities, skills, activities and resources needed to bring the best idea to life.
  5. Implement the solution: finding resources, planning the work, keeping you on track, and reminding you how this path appeared.

And it is a path, not a destination. Things change. Let’s talk about how to prepare for change.

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