A passion project. For now.

In 2015, we decided to move from a relatively small house (1,300 sq. ft. above ground) near downtown Toronto to an even smaller house (550 sq. ft. above ground) a little further away. This allowed us to make other parts of our life bigger, as our mortgage, operating costs and time devoted to maintaining a house shrank.

We love it. For eight weeks of the year, there are four people living in the house when my teenage step kids come to live with us. Surprisingly, we don’t trip over each other or get on each other’s nerves because of space constraints. They’re teenagers alright, but we all have enough ways to get away from each other when we need to.

I won’t lie; there’s a bit of a cheat. We traded some of our house space for a garage and a bike shed. More on that later.

Stay tuned. I will share:

  • our decision making process on selecting what we needed from a house
  • space usage decisions, and how that’s working out
  • before and after renovation photos and notes
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