– 2005



Redesign (US) based on their digital strategy: if a user could not be in a Radio Shack dealing with a helpful staff member, our site had to do the job.


Interaction design documentation: here.

A redesigned site optimized for the five key Radio Shack user personas: from Cory Core Shacker who buys electrodes for his hobbies through to Techno-Shy Sheila who often needs batteries and adaptors but hasn’t a clue as to how to find the model number.

We designed an experience around the comprehensive online catalogue with faceted search, local specials, an accessory-finding tool and product comparison capabilities.

The client thanked the agency for sending their “A-Team”.

My Role:

  • Understanding and working within the capabilities of the selected eCommerce platform and SKU catalogue
  • Wireframes and user flows, and their presentation to the client
  • Working with the creative director to create the feel of the site in terms of journey, key user flows, and tone

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