Quilting is included on this website to give you an idea about the mindset I use to tackle my own personal and professional challenges.

Yes, quilting.

Through quilting I am learning new ways of dealing with my fear of failure, which I sometimes express through perfectionism and procrastination.

Quilting is about creating something that only has value to me; it is not about pleasing others.

I get to play with colour and layout and fabric and sewing, rekindling the creative joys that were my focus when I was a kid.

I have to confront the blank page. Even worse, the size of the “page” is not defined for me. I can make the quilt any size I want, and for any purpose.

In the end, my quilts are useful. They’re warm and comforting. The Etobicoke guild to which I belong makes quilts to give to people in need.

Eventually, I may create pure art quilts. That would definitely push me out of my comfort zone.



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