Citytv Social Stream iPad App, 2011


Our Digital VP Product said in a meeting, “we need to build a TV co-viewing app; an app that would be used while watching a TV show. We need to give consumers a reason to watch appointment TV. We have to stop building one-off apps. No standard display ads. Morag – you’ve been looking for a new product – go!”


An iPad app platform that can be redeployed on a show by show basis or that supports sequential airing of shows in a season, depending on market and advertiser demand. The app allows consumers to chat with fans of TV shows, answer polls, share photos, and participate in show-specific activities.

The first release, Citytv Social Stream, will support viewers of Citytv New Year’s Eve, then The Bachelor without requiring users to update the app – the interface items and content will be changed from the Admin tool.

For Canada’s Got Talent, consumers will be able to view a live stream of the Green Room, and play with an at-home judge feature as well.

The VP has described it as “world class design”.

We resisted the pull of standard display ads and found beautiful ways to integrate  advertiser brands into the experience and the visual interface by working with the designers, the business and the Sales team. The conversation with advertisers is about the relationship between their brand and our product, not CPM. We have already sold CGT.

My Role

  • Elicited high level business requirements
  • Found a business in Digital Media who was able and willing to participate in the product
  • Retained product focus on advertiser sponsorships instead of display ads
  • Engaged a brainstorming team from throughout Rogers Digital Media – Sales, Product Dev, Product Strategy, Analytics, Broadcast and UX
  • Created a minimal viable product feature list based on user wants, and business priorities and resources
  • Ensured that capital budget was made available
  • Communicated with the VP and stakeholders on the product’s progress
  • Directed the internal UX team as needed on interaction and design: reviewing wireframes, reviewing designs, participating in detailed feature meetings as needed, and resolving design and feature decision impasses
  • Found a copywriter
  • Created a draft of the content editor’s workflow and filling whatever holes couldn’t be immediately resourced

The configurable home screen: images, text, colour, links:


The NYE countdown clock, complete with fireworks that you can launch yourself, or wait for the midnight show:


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