– 2011


Plan and execute a user experience strategy for Its user base was beginning to shrink, the CMS was no longer supported by the vendor, competitors with slicker features were entering the market and the site needed more page views to fulfill advertiser demand.


We created a strategy that focused on helping parents solve problems. We knew that parents often consult “Dr. Google” so SEO was paramount. We also knew that new parents are often sleep deprived and/or reading on their mobile phone so large clear fonts and a simple layout for information was a key to user engagement.

Within a month of launch, the search results in Google vastly now appears on the first page of results, often in the Top 5 when a user searches for Pregnancy, Baby or Toddler in

Uniques to the site have increased, as have facebook likes and twitter followers.

Magazine Awards Foundation in June 2012. The judges said, “The website of Today’s Parent makes it easy for stressed-out moms and dads to find the information and resources they need…”.

My Role

  • Led the new product GM through the steps of creating a Product Strategy document and business case
  • Facilitated stakeholder interviews to gather and articulate high level business requirements
  • Ensured that the UX team understood the project goals: improved SEO rankings and a product focus on helping parents solve problems
  • Directed the UX team on IA and design by reviewing wireframes and designs
  • Got out of the way

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