RMI Digital Media Footer – 2010


The president of RMI requested that a “cross promotional footer” be added to all websites to create an increase in brand awareness and unique visits. At the same time, Legal requested that we provide consistent copyright and legal notices on all our sites.


All RMI websites now have a cross promotional footer and consistent legal notices. A workflow now exists to manage centrally maintained page footer code, run by Digital Marketing. There is an Omniture analytics dashboard that reports on traffic originating from and flowing from the cross-promotional footer.

Screenshots from Todaysparent.com, Sportsnet.ca and 680news.com respectively:


  • Gathered top level business requirements from senior stakeholders
  • Decided which brands would promote each other rather than attempt consensus from 10 GMs over 100 websites, and take the flack when the GMs disagreed at launch
  • Reviewed the wireframes and style guide
  • Enhanced the workflow for the back end tool in consultation with the developer
  • Transitioned the initiative to RMI Digital Marketing

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