AOL Pinpoint Travel – 2005


Create the user experience for an online travel booking website prototype for AOL, with significant input from stakeholders.


AOL’s pinpoint travel prototype was lauded by the industry and researched by internal teams at YAHOO!

The AOL executives told our Creative Director that the Pinpoint projects were a catalyst to change how they corporately looked at UX: good UX means an improved business. The Pinpoint projects helped the industry see AOL in a new light as per this article in The Washington Post.


My Role

  • Created the information architecture and wireframes, often iterating on a set of 25 or more wireframes within 3 days, over an intense project lifecycle spanning 5 months
  • Participated inand documented the outcome of multi-day creative brainstorming workshops of IA, art director, creative director, strategist and content strategist
  • Expressed business requirements in diagrammatic form
  • Presented UX iterations to a group of 15+ stakeholders at a time, including senior business stakeholders from AOL US and

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